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C|Z Design Strategies was established in 2014 to provide architectural consulting services focused on capital program development and implementation. 

Our commitment to the built environment is rooted in large firm K-12 experience. We work with our clients to create optimal solutions to today’s challenges in the design, construction, and operation of educational facilities. Our successful collaborations have improved building quality and reduced operating costs on over $1 billion in renovation and new construction capital projects while creating educational environments that inspire and enhance learning.

C|Z Design Strategies is also supported by its licensed design firm entity C|Z Architecture to provide the full spectrum of architectural design services.

Michael applies more than 30 years of architectural experience, focusing his knowledge and insight towards creating or adapting spaces to address today’s evolving needs and challenges.


While his interest in architecture seemingly started by designing structurally indeterminate tree houses while in junior high school, Michael credits his love of music with helping him to view architecture as a ‘frozen symphony’ during his studies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. His appreciation for architecture’s impact on user experience culminated in his Master’s thesis study of the environmental psychology of lighting design.  

As a sustainability advocate, Michael focuses on the positive impact of sustainable design goals on occupant well-being through improved indoor environmental quality as equally significant as the overall goal of achieving carbon reduction.

Michael likes to spend his down time playing guitar and painting. Self-trained in both, he enjoys the process of developing these talents as much as the outcome.   |   312 690 3085

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